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As a former Platoon Sergeant and Iraqi BN Advisor for the US Army and now the acting COO for Rainier Arms, one word best describes U.S. Special Security Service. IMPRESSIVE!

Chief Operations Officer
G.W. Meyers III

Phil Bostian

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the U.S. Special Security Service and especially Commander Powers for providing a white paper per my request that in turn allowed our police officers to all receive new Trijicon RMR redot sights for their duty pistols. The level of experience and knowledge that the U.S. Special Security Service provides to the law enforcement community is invaluable.

Chief Phil Bostian
Park City Police Department


I am very impressed with U.S. Special Security Service and the new SENTINEL 07 program they have developed which sets a new standard for a new level of protection against
active shooter incidents. Combining their counter-terrorism experience with our technology at SDS will save innocent lives. In retrospect, I would like to also sincerely thank their
assigned agents and team members for assisting SDS in multi shooter testing using our technology which proved to be a great success.
Vice President Of Sales – East Region
Brian JonPaoli

David Lyndon Huff

International Music Producer & Entertainment Industry Consultant

Several years ago, Lance Powers of U.S. Special Security Service was personally recommended to me by one of my celebrity clients for security and personal protection purposes. In my line of work, one cannot take any chances these days when it comes to protecting yourself, your family, or your clients. From day one, I have been very impressed with Mr. Powers’s professional experience and abilities.

The U.S. Special Security Service are some of the best protection specialists that I have ever met. They are detail oriented and a meticulous individuals in how they manage my protection and, as I have personally witnessed on several occasions, also lethal in deterring any threats. I believe that during my last trip to Georgia that Commander Powers and Agent Aggson that were assigned to my protection actually prevented a life threatening situation and are the only reason that I returned home safe to this day. My professional credits as a producer include the original music for TV shows: NBC Nightly News, Baywatch, and NBC Dateline, as well as live concerts, HBO original programs, PBS specials, and TV/Radio jingles, and most recently with Leann Rimes on the Desperate Housewives TV series soundtrack. I also contributed music to motion picture soundtracks: Top Gun, Where the Heart is, Runaway Bride, Enough, Serendipity, The Program, The Big Picture, and Life or Something Like That. I have also worked on many specialized music projects with such clients as Billy Ray Cyrus and Martina McBride.

U.S. Special Security Service makes it possible for me to continue my work without limitations in a safe and protected manner and they are based on my own personal experience simply the best at what they do!

Ron Paul

Republican Presidential Candidate for the United States of America

I would like to thank the U.S. Special Security Service for their excellent dignitary protection services. As you are aware, the job of protecting presidential candidates has become a much greater challenge in recent years than ever before. We live in an age of unprecedented political divisiveness and threats can materialize at a moments notice. This can impact the security and safety of those responsible for governing our nation including the final outcome of any election.

U.S. Special Security Service is exemplary in the competence with which they provide protection and in regards to how they perform their tasks in and amongst large disorganized crowds.

Carolee Martin

GS 15 Ministry of Defense Senior Advisor United States Department of Defense

In a world of uncertainty and strife where terrorism is decentralized and continues to remain present in our homeland, the U.S. Special Security Service brings a new level of technology, training and experience to the fight with AGEIS. I am honored to be working with the U.S. Special Security Service and their elite team of professionals.

Sheriff Richard Ivan Mack

United States Congressional Candidate

As the former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona and Congressional Candidate for United States Congress, I was gratified with the special protection services which U.S. Special Security Service provided me with during my speaking event with U.S. Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. Lance Powers, as well as all the members of my security detail, did an outstanding job and I felt very safe at all times. U.S. Special Security Service is a world class organization!

Ann Nguyen Senethivisouk

Software Engineer at The Boeing Company

I met Lance Powers over 6 years ago when he was on site with a business intelligence group from U.S. Special Security Service. Mr. Powers had me at hello with his professional demeanor and the way that he conducted himself in various situations. Mr. Powers is highly intelligent and projects a level of confidence that makes anyone want to strive harder to achieve their goals. I am not impressed easily, but highly recommend Mr. Powers without reservation to any corporation or organization that places a high value on security, integrity and performance!

Damon Elliott

American producer, Writer, Composer, Recording Artist and Entrepreneur.

As a well respected producer, writer, composer, recording artist and entrepreneur with clients such as Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and Macy Gray, I use U.S. Special Security Service personal security services exclusively for my protection. I have earned seven Grammy Award Nominations, and also won a Grammy Award for my rendition of “Lady Marmalade” featured in the 2001 film Moulin Rouge. Due to my success and worldwide travels, I am very pleased with the level of security and service that the U.S. Special Security Service has provided for my family, friends, clients and I.

I highly recommend their services for anyone that is serious about security and personal protection as they are some of the most bad ass highly trained individuals in black suits that I have ever met.

Jim Duffy

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Special Forces Detachment Commander 

“Last year marked the biggest annual rise in deaths caused by terrorism, with more than 32,000 people killed in attacks around the world, so that is just another reason why I believe we need more organizations like the the U.S. Special Security Service to help win the fight against the ongoing threat of terrorism. ARGUS-VT1 developed and supported by U.S. Special Security Service is what security forces and military counter terrorism units around the world need to effectively meet and counter the ever-changing threats of global terrorism. Retaining the ability to quickly adapt and counter any threat is what tips the scales of engagement by providing those who fight terrorism with the ability to prevail.”

As a senior partner and Director of Projects and Strategic Initiatives for H3 Solutions DMMC, headquartered in Dubai, UAE and the CEO/Founder of GTP LLC, a US Government Consulting Company in the areas of Security Technology, C4ISR, C2 Systems, ITC, Logistics, Project Management, Infrastructure Development & Engineering Support.  (Strategic partners include General Dynamics (Information Technology & Mission Systems); Sotera Defense Solutions; Globecomm Systems; World Wide Technology Inc.; ICS-NETT; Hayat Communications; Afridyne SA; CRSA; NTT Data Corporation & G4S, I officially endorse the U.S. Special Security Service.

Craig Justice

Director of Strategic Corporate Alliances

U.S. Special Security Service from a corporate prospective brings an unprecedented level of experience and knowledge rarely seen in our industry. Working with their directors and protection agents from day one has been a very rewarding experience.

Combining their talents with the talents of our team at Protection One will set a new benchmark for innovation and excellence in the security industry.

One thing I will also mention in closing based on my first encounter with U.S. Special Security Service, is that their protection agents like agent Fleming and agent Epting are not to be tested as they clearly demonstrated that their skill sets far exceed the average man.

Victoria Santagata

Heartland Payment Systems | National Business Consultant

As a experienced professional and national business consultant for Heartland Payment Systems, I have personally had the distinct pleasure of working with the U.S. Special Security Service over the last 7 years on many projects. Several of our biggest VIP projects they have been involved with have proven to be very successful and exceeded not only our internal revenue projections, but also the expectations of our select clients.

I am extremely excited about the recent development and launch of their new Sentinel 7 asset protection and risk management program as I know and understand the many challenges businesses face today.

The U.S. Special Security Service business services and security solutions have proven to be so effective, that I now recommend them exclusively to all of my clients and any business that needs real world protection against chronic loss of revenue.

Dan Carney

Co-Founder & Former President of Pizza Hut

As former President and Co-Founder of Pizza Hut Inc, I am very impressed with the U.S. Special Security Service. They provide very unique and powerful asset and risk management services for many corporations that constantly face a variety of threats both U.S. and abroad.

The methodology and technology with which they conduct their operations with is exemplamary . These experienced professionals are the best of the best and I am honored to be on their board of strategic

Rob Knapp

President Of Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School

“Our school with over 1200 students and teachers selected the U.S. Special Security Service to provide a full LS-VTR assessment and we have now never felt safer with their new security recommendations and counter-measure protocols. I was also extremely impressed with their close attention to detail and overwhelming commitment to our schools protection.”

Brian Ross

Music & Records Industry Consultant at International Music Commission, USA

I first met Lance Powers in 1984 when he was assigned to my protection durning many international meetings and events. Today the security agency he now represents provides the highest level of specialized security services available for my company IMC which provides music, records, entertainment, concert and international tour support services.

We also provide multi-million dollar music consulting and investment banking services throughout the entertainment industry and are well connected with a number of investment bankers, private equity groups, hedge funds, and venture capital firms worldwide.

I would go so far as to say that the security services provided by U.S. Special Security Service are not only exceptional, but military grade. Lance Powers and everybody at U.S. Special Security Service are carefully selected for their intelligence, creativity, integrity, high ethical values, and extreme competence. Mr. Powers has also provided international security services for Brian Ross Productions, Starborn Records and the International Music Commission, specifically in Cannes, France, during the Midem Convention (www.Midem.com). Lance oversaw my activities in connection for international licensing for the music from “We Are the World”. written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Experiencing the security services provided by the U.S. Special Security Service as they provided safety and welfare for the celebrity artists, producers, and executives working directly with me has always given me tremendous confidence and personal satisfaction.

I cannot say enough about the security services of U.S. Special Security Service other than to say that, in my opinion, there are no finer personal or corporate business protection or executive protective services available at any price, anywhere in the world. I highly recommend the services of Lance Powers and U.S. Special Security Service. On a scale of 1-100, I give this company a grade of 10,000. U.S. Special Security Service redefines the meaning of the word ‘excellence’. In sum, U.S. Special Security Service is an A+ agency, 100% state-of-the-art, and at the very top of their game. You will find none better.

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The unauthorized or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement is investigated by federal law enforcement agencies and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.